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Monument City Festival 2023

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Monument City Festival: Join us for an unforgettable four-day celebration with amazing music, food, art, and hypnotic visuals that will keep you dancing until the end. The festival will take place in four unique locations including an epic secret warehouse. 

Check the program below, invite friends, and secure your ticket today!

Jeff Mills, Axis (USA)
Rrose, Eaux (USA)
DJ Nobu, Future Terror (JP)
Na Nich, Rhythm Büro / Natura festival (UA)
Vera Logdanidi, Rhythm Büro / Natura festival (UA)
Milena Glowacka, Semantica ( PL)
Poly Chain (UA)
Dtekk, Up To Date Festival (PL)
Martin Kling, CCTV (SE)
Bendik Baksaas, Technokjeller (NO)
Erik Mowinckel (NO)
Haider, Ute (NO)
Lara Palmer, Monument (NO)
Henrii Havaas (NO)

Joao Pereira, Driv.Work (NO)
Melissa Follestad Larsen (NO)
Emiko (PL)
Mats Bekkåsen (NO ) )


Weekend ticket includes access to main events on Friday and Saturday. Separate tickets required for Jeff Mills concert and Sauna session.

Thursday 20.04 : Join us for an evening of insightful panel talks, presentations, and innovative ideas. Hear from artists, organizers, and changemakers from Scandinavia, Poland, and Ukraine as they share their perspectives on the electronic music scene. Between talks, there will also be time for questions and networking. Remember to register your name on the ticket site as there will be a limited amount of seats. Led by Paul White. Location: Trekanten - Pilestredet 24, 0165 Oslo

Thursday 20.04 : In cooperation with Jæger, we invite legendary Jeff Mills to Oslo. Jeff Mills is one of the most revered names in techno, and for good reason—he's been at the top of his game for decades. Those who have already seen him will want to return, and those new to him will understand why afterwards. Discounted tickets will be available for festival tickets holder.

Friday 21.04 : We are kick-starting the musical journey of the festival with a full night of live performances. All music is created and performed in real-time to create a unique and dynamic sound for the audience. This will surely be a fantastic listening journey.  Location: Secret Warehouse! (TBA)

Saturday 22.04 : In proper Monument style (!), we invite you to a full day & night rave, where dance, music, and visuals come together in perfect harmony. This day is all about dancing, connecting, and experiencing quality music from fantastic artists, both local and international. Location: Secret Warehouse! (TBA)

Sunday 23.04 : What better way to end a fantastic weekend than to relax in a sauna? At Salt you can enjoy the heat while meeting festival friends, sweat, take a cold plunge, and chill out to beautiful ambient music. This is a great way to prepare your body and mind for a new week. Separate tickets available on for 13:00-15:30 or 16:00-18:30 slot. Capacity for each slot is 100 people. Location: SALT - Art & Music (Langekaien 1, 0150 Oslo).




Make a difference by volunteering. As part of the Monument Family, you'll be integral to creating a memorable experience for everyone attending the festival. This is a great way to connect with new people, increase your network, and give back to the community.

Read more and sign up here:

In all areas of the festival we strive to become more sustainable. This year, we are adding our stainless-steel cups to avoid using single-use plastic. These will be available for purchase at the venue for the festival.

Age: 21 and above
Minimal use of flash photography and phones.
Respect each other and the dance floor.
Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or any other form of discrimination.

People who struggle financially can write us an email on and we will provide you with a code for a reduced ticket price. This is trust based.

Do you have any questions about the festival? Use the festival event page on Facebook, the Monument Family Group or

Nydalen Fabrikker
Ghost Collective
Roots & Culture

Want to help us and sponsor this festival? Feel free to contact us on henning@mnmt. no
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Age Limit: 21

Minimal use of flash photography and phones.

Respect each other and the dance floor.

Zero tollerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or any other form of discrimination.


Tickets are not changeable nor refundable, unless the event is cancelled by the organiser.